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Assess your company's field, identify weak points, plan and engender new solutions with outsourcing, process automation, system development, setup, and implantation to increase efficiency, enable new opportunities, and optimize operation.


We develop apps and games for tablets and smartphones using native and hybrid technologies for iOS and Android to provide you with the best product and best user experience on the market.


We develop websites, Hotsites, Blogs, e-commerce, Gateways, and other applications to adapt with the needs of your business with elegant design. We exercise the best practices available so your project not only embodies the personality of your business but also is easy-to-use and user-friendly.


Exclusive solutions, with focus on secure data sharing. We make hosting available to our clients through several different partners. We deliver to our clients either an Intranet or an Extranet with international certification and scalable and redundant environments.


A thorough assessment is required to successfully bond your brand with your clients. We develop our projects to allow your brand to attain the required renown. We offer you all the support to create or update your company's visual identity.


We create online and offline communication material, such as watermarked paper documents, business cards, anvelopes, banners, folders, flyers, promotional material, email signatures, newsletters, seals, social posts, and anything else your company might need to communicate with its target clientele.


Smart technology and innovations

Multinational with branches in Brazil and the US with more than 5 years experience with innovating technologies. We have accumulated sizeable knowledge in different technologies and project management to bring you top-notch products and solutions.

Our services cover any of your needs in an efficient pace to optimize your time.

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We are technology

The best tech team working on innovative and exclusive solutions.

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We work on an agile and organized structure, keeping all deadlines up-to-date.


We show you viability, costs, and requirements to work your idea.


We create unique products with the best strategies, leveraging your brand.

Strategic Planning

We transform ideas into businesses. We attain results through creativity.


Responsibility and commitment. We deliver what we propose.

We make your case a success story..

All our projects are developed so your brand attains the necessary renown.


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Highly skilled professionals and a team ready to attend any specific client requirements.

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We are partnered with leaders in the tech field to deliver the best solutions.

We are technology.

The best tech team, creating exclusive possibilities and solutions.


Latest updates on Codex4.

09 April 2018

Android P will support Vulkan 1.1 to bring mobile games closer to consoles

Gaming on Android is about to become more impressive once the ‘P’ version of the OS launches with support for the latest Vulkan graphics API. Vulkan started its Android journey on the Galaxy S7 before Google added native support for it in Android Nougat. Many developers still use the OpenGL ES graphics rendering API, but making the switch is starting to look as enticing as the desserts of which Google names their mobile operating system.

11 April 2018

React most popular front-end JavaScript framework with Preact fastest growing

According to figures from NPM, software registry and package manager for JavaScript, React remains by a distance the most popular front-end JavaScript framework, with Angular in second place. The findings come from NPM’s State of JavaScript Frameworks 2017 report, with the first part assessing the front-end frameworks and the second examining the growth of the React ecosystem.

20 April 2018

User retention on iOS is higher than Android

A study examining 11,000 apps has found that users on iOS consistently stick around longer than on Android. The analysis, conducted by Adjust, confirms a fact that has been widely known for some time still holds true. What's interesting, however, is the iOS user retention lead is marginal over Android. Adjust defines app retention as “the percentage of users still using an app for a certain number of days after install”

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